Actively Managed Equity Strategies

Individual stock strategies that use fundamental analysis and research tools such as moving averages, credit spreads, and normalized P/E multiples.

Managed Equity:
Growth Focus

25-35 Stocks

Strategically diversified among three categories:

  • Stable Earners
  • Accelerated Growers
  • Emerging Franchises

Managed Equity:
Dividend Focus

20–25 Stocks

Stocks selected for sustainable dividend income.

Actively Managed Fixed Income Strategies

With an overall objective of capital preservation, fixed income portfolios are structured to emphasize income, liquidity, or an aggregate of the two.

Individual Bond Strategies:
Corporate or Municipal Focus

10-20 Bonds

Diversified, investment-grade bond portfolios constructed for one of three objectives:

  • Liquidity 
  • Aggregate
  • Income  

Bond ETF Strategies:
Aggregate or Income Focus

4-6 ETFs

Actively managed portfolios constructed of ETFs to achieve specific parameters for duration, credit quality, and yield curve optimization.

Quantitative Strategies

Global Equity - Momentum Focus 

Broad diversification across 10 global risk markets with a systematic rebalancing discipline that over-weights relative strength and under-weights relative weakness. Allocation targets are refreshed Quarterly.

Tactical Global Strategy:
Growth or Income Focus

10 Global Sector ETFs

  • Large Cap Growth & Value
  • Domestic Mid & Small Cap
  • International Large & Small Cap
  • Emerging Markets
  • Natural Resources
  • Real Estate
  • High Yield Bonds

Global Asset Allocation - Trend Focus

Dynamically adjusts to market conditions based on moving average signals for five risk markets. Equity exposure ranges from 10% to 90% with a fixed income out-position. Allocation targets are refreshed Monthly.

Tactical Dynamic Allocation Strategy

5 ETFs

  • Domestic Equity
  • International Equity
  • Emerging Markets
  • Natural Resources
  • Real Estate
  • Fixed Income (out-position)

International Equity - Value & Momentum Focus

Systematic adjustments to tilt the portfolio toward characteristics of value, momentum and low market capitalization occur within the five ETFs that comprise the portfolio model.

International Focus Strategy

5 ETFs

  • International Value
  • International Momentum
  • International Small Cap
  • Emerging Markets Value
  • Emerging Markets Momentum