Markets Are Dynamic, Your Portfolio Should Be Too.

By using a combination of individual stock strategies, tactical ETF strategies and fixed income strategies, we can change the identity of your portfolio based upon current risks and opportunities in the market.

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Custom Built Portfolio Construction
Structured to complement one another, or executed as stand-alone strategies, these three distinct investment approaches and strategy allocations are customized to meet your goals, objectives and risk tolerance. Our portfolio construction philosophy is centered on the below strategies.
Individual Equities
Individual stocks are used for active risk management, enhanced transparency, customization and tax efficiency.
Growth Strategy
Approximately 30 individual stocks are selected for long-term growth potential and strategic diversification.
Dividend Strategy
Approximately 30 individual stocks are selected for sustainable dividend income and growth while diversified across multiple industry sectors.
Fixed Income
The primary goals of Fixed Income are income and cash flow, principal preservation and portfolio diversification.
Corporate Or Municipal Focus
Portfolios are customized with individual securities to achieve specific parameters for duration, credit quality, and positioning on the yield curve.
Bond ETF Strategies
Portfolios are constructed with ETFs to achieve specific parameters for duration, credit quality, and positioning on the yield curve.
Tactical ETF Strategies
Rules-based strategies executed with ETFs support broad diversification and flexibility to adjust risk market exposure with changing market conditions.
Tactical Global Growth Strategy
This strategy offers broad diversification across 9 global risk markets with a systematic rebalancing discipline that over-weights relative strength and under-weights relative weakness. Allocation targets are refreshed quarterly.
Tactical Dynamic Allocation Strategy
Designed to dynamically adjust to market conditions based on moving average signals for five risk markets, this strategy offers equity exposure ranging from 10% to 100% with a fixed income out-position. Allocation targets are refreshed monthly.
International Focus Strategy
The International Focus Strategy systematically tilts a portfolio of non-U.S. equities toward characteristics of value, momentum and low market capitalization.
Investment Philosophy.

Capital Advisors' investment philosophy strives to be uniquely transparent. Our theory, evidence and implementation provide a detailed approach to investment management. We educate clients on why we invest the way we do, how our strategies can be effective, and how each strategy works.

Our Multi-Layered Approach Is Built To Scale
At Capital Advisors we use a multi-layer risk management process that allows us to take diversification one step further. Our goal is to produce a customized, risk-focused investment portfolio.
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Asset Level
Based on your investment objectives and risk tolerance, we set parameters of an optimal stock/bond mix.
Risk Management
Instead of keeping your portfolio at a stagnant allocation, we have the ability to change the stock-to-bond-to-cash ratios as market conditions change.
Portfolio Level
By understanding the types of portfolios/accounts we’re managing, we structure each portfolio to fit it’s stage in the investment life cycle (accumulation vs. distribution). We also take into account legacy positions and/or outside assets.
Risk Management
Our distinct investment strategies can be combined to meet your overall goals and the objectives of each portfolio.
Strategy Level
By understanding your optimal asset allocation range and the types of portfolios being managed, we determine how our specific strategies should be combined.
Risk Management
We utilize both fundamental and tactical strategies to help take diversification one step further.
Security Level
Our team of CFA charter holders performs deep research behind each security selected and provides rationale for trades.
Risk Management
We strive to position your portfolio for prevailing market conditions to participate in long-term trends.
Client Portfolio
Client Portfolio
Our goal is to provide peace of mind that your Wealth Advisor understands your objectives and is executing a sensible plan to achieve them.
Risk Management
Thoughtful portfolio design that combines the use of fundamental and tactical strategies to narrow the range of outcomes around your goals.
Achieve Goals. Manage Risks.
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